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Out of the Blue

Their sixth album "Out of the Blue" features 13 songs, written and produced by the band. Sporting a wide variety of music styles, the Broers continue their tradition of pushing the boundaries of the blues to new extremes.

Relax. Pull up a chair. Put your feet up. Take the album for a test-drive. Click on the song titles for a preview. Like what you hear? Check out the Broers in their natural habitat at a gig near you.

1) Its on me Classic pop song in the great sixties tradition, with a twist
2) Mountains Rock guitar extravaganza played at 11
3) Coal Train Pure country music, luckily without the western (see 13 for that)
4) Lonely kind of loving Smoky New York nightclub sleaze
5) Mr Fingers Jazz so smooth, it could probably slide uphill
6) Inside woman blues Traditional skiffle with washboard, tea-chest and a real wooden piano
7) Writing's on the wall Full-house big band blues with full brass section and female singers
8) Ladies' Blues Hard-as-nails Texas shuffle, about as mean as it gets
9) Everybody knows A well-disguised tribute to Orange Floyd (albeit a bit on the dark side)
10) Stoned cold sober Tongue-in-cheek bar-room sing-along anthem
11) Bring it on Memphis horns vs. cheese-ball lyrics - the girl takes all in the end
12) Over our heads Theme for an imaginary James Bond movie. Shaken all over, nothing stirred.
13) De Aar An authentic boerewors western soundtrack. Look out Jan Wyn and Klont Oosthuizen